Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trip to the gardens

I gotta be honest -- all these flowers at Longwood Gardens are pretty, but they're not as colorful as my toy. I bet they don't taste as good either.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jonathan,

As beautiful as everything about the day was,
I must say, I enjoyed you as much as anything
else. And I can't believe your Dad already
posted this blog. Give your Mom a big smile
tonight. She deserves it.

God bless you and your Mom and Dad!

Aunt Pat

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan, Thank you for sharing in my special day. You made it extra wonderful.
Lots of love,
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

Some of these sights were pretty cool, "G-P Doyle", but there was a lot of it and I hope that "G-M Doyle" wasn't allergic to any of it.
I think that I was allergic, thought, to some of the "old" folks there though. Thank goodness my good looking cousin, Lilly, was there.


Lari said...

No flower could ever hold a candle to you, Jon! xo