Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy retirement, Pop!

Pop Doyle retired forever ago, but we just finally this weekend got to have a party celebrating it. He was pretty surprised, even after I explained the whole thing to him. 

Here's a nice picture of the Doyle section of the family getting a picture while I watch. It would have been a nicer picture if I was in it, but that's OK. I let them have their moment too.

The only problem with the party is that everyone wanted to congratulate Pop, which didn't leave enough time for him to carry me around. Lucky, Granmom was there to help out with that.  


Anonymous said...

That was a great party for you, "Pop Doyle", but I still don't know exactly know what it was for. You always till me to put new tires on the broken ones on any of my little cars.
I thought that's what "re-tire"


Lari said...

Jonathan, your family sure knows how to party. Love seeing all of you having fabulously fun times together. Congrats to Pop on his retirement. xoxo

Anonymous said...

What great pictures and what a
great party - another wonderful
family memory!
Love, Aunt Pat

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your daddy for the great pictures. We sure had a good time, didn't we? Grandpop was so happy that you and Ollie were there. It just wouldn't be a party without you!
Love you very much.
Grandmom Linda