Saturday, May 10, 2014

Testing the new playground

Grandmom and Pop Doyle had a new playground open right by their house, so Ollie and I went over to test it out this weekend. The monkey bars are pretty good for swinging. 

It also has a convenient size chart, so I can double check my height. I'm 3 and a half feet tall, give or take a few wood chips. 

And there were a lot of ladders to test out. Lily and Maggie helped make sure they were all up to standard.  Overall, I was pretty pleased. If they just had a slide big enough for Pop to go on with me, it'd be perfect. 


Anonymous said...

So glad the rain held out so you, Ollie, Lily, and Maggie could test out the new playground. I think it passed with flying colors, don't you?
Love you,
Grandmom a Linda

Lari said...

Wow!!! What an amazing new play area! Uncle Joe and I really need to move!! That's incredible! xoxo