Sunday, January 18, 2015

Emma's baptism

Saturday was the big day at church -- I wore Mom's baptism gown and did my best not to drool on the deacon during the ceremony. It was hard. He kept putting smelly oil on my head and lighting candles and talking and talking and talking...

And he poured water on my head. It was really cold. Jonathan was trying to come up on the altar to warm me up, but Grandmom Shane said it was probably better if he waited. 

Here I am with my Godparents (Aunt Kate and Uncle Mike). I'm smiling, but you can't see it under all this lace. 

Afterwards we had a big party at the house -- Lexi was there to tell me about how cold the water was at her baptism. The whole day was great, but I never got any cake. Seems a little wrong to me. 


Anonymous said...

It was just a completely wonderful day. We pray God always blesses you and your beautiful mommy, daddy, and brother, Jonathan.
Love you all.
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

Emma - dear child of God - you,
Jonathan, your Mom and Dad were so
much in my heart and prayers on
your Baptism Day. You looked
so pretty in the dress your Mom and cousin Lexi wore. Pop Doyle
told me you didn't cry at all
during the ceremony, and I was
happy to see how much your big
brother tried to see what was
happening. God bless you and
all the family.
Aunt Pat

Maureen Greygold Foster said...

Beautiful pics !!!