Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy 5th birthday!

Tuesday was my birthday, but Sunday was the big party at the bowling alley. Here I am relaxing my hand with the air blower before another roll down the lane. I played a ton of games, so I needed the massage. 

We had ramps to help roll the balls and grandparents to help aim the shots. They offered to carry the bowling balls for us, but the other boys and I all carried our own. The six-pounders were just the right size. You'd be surprised how quickly Tommy and I can run with them. 

Grandmom Shane made me this awesome Superman cake -- she said she got the pattern from when my Dad was little. I asked if she used the same icing from when he was little too, but she said she had to find some fresher stuff. 

It took me a while to blow out all five candles, but that's mostly because Dad spread them so far apart.

And afterwards there were presents to open at home and more cake and more balloons...

This whole week has been so much fun, I asked Mom and Dad if I can have a birthday next month too. They said no, but I'll keep working on it. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! So glad Pop and I could spend today with you.
Love you very much.
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

I bet everybody had as much fun
as you did at your birthday
celebrations. God bless your
6th year of life, Jonathan.
Aunt Pat