Saturday, June 27, 2015

On the links

I'm a little late on this, but Dad and I hit the mini-golf course a little while back to start working on my backup career as a professional golfer (Dad still says I need to learn how to pitch left-handed so I can be a Phillies middle reliever for 15 years). I'm not trying to brag, I got a hole-in-one on my third hole, and I hit the ball straight into the water on the sixth hole. Dad said you're not actually supposed to get the ball wet, but, c'mon. It'd be boring if you just kept it on the green part the whole time. 

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Anonymous said...

Well, look at you!!! A hole in one? Wow.....I wish I could do that.
When your mommy was a little girl, we would often go mini-golfing on her birthday. But I'm sure she's a bit rusty now so maybe you can help her out.
Love you.
Grandmom Linda