Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ready for blast off

We took a trip over to the Goddard Space Flight Center this weekend to see if they had any early previews of the cool new Pluto pictures, but instead they had a whole bunch of spaceships and models for us to check out. Mom said we couldn't fly any of them into space, but it was fun anyway. 

My favorite was the giant Delta Launch Vehicle, which was so huge you can barely see me standing next to it. Mom wouldn't let me climb to the top. Some space explorer she is. 

Emma really liked the smaller rockets, which were still big enough to get her up to the clouds at least. 

And they had a piece of the moon inside! It didn't really do much of anything, but it was a pretty nice looking rock. 

My favorite part was sitting in one of the models of the first space capsules, because it was just the right size for me. I'm not sure how somebody in a spacesuit would have fit in there, though. Maybe all the astronauts were only five-years-old when they flew into space.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great tour, Jonathan and Compny! I feel as though
I were there with you.
Love to all,
Aunt Pat