Friday, December 18, 2015

Kindergarten holiday play

This week was my class' big Christmas play, and we've been practicing our lines and singing for weeks. And we nailed it all. 

I was one of the deer vying to be the decoration on top of the Christmas tree. There was a lot of subtlety and depth in the role, and I feel like you can sense the inner conflict when my group delivered our line. 

Dad was worried that the microphone didn't really pick me up, so we recorded the line again at home to make sure you get a sense of the enormity of the moment. 

Now I can't wait for our spring play! Our teachers are trying to decide between "Easter Bunny parade" and "Hamlet." Either one has some pretty good songs, from what I hear.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan, you are my most favorite reindeer ever.
Love you very much.
Grandmom Linda

GrandmomShane said...

Excellent job! You looked so comfortable on stage, just like your Mommy & Daddy.