Sunday, April 24, 2016


We went to the Baysox baseball game around the corner today and you'll never guess who was there!?!?!?

THE PAW PATROL! They didn't get to play any baseball, which was a shame, but they did hang around with all the kids at the park. And Marshall even gave me a hug! He's so nice.

Chase was just as awesome. He was a little bigger than I expected, but he was super friendly. I'm glad I wore the right shirt for the event. 

He even posed with Emma. She was super excited. We had trouble getting her to wait in line to see him because she just wanted to run up and hug him. But that would have been rude, because there were tons of people in line. 

We saw Skye too, but I didn't get a chance to get a picture with her because she had so many fans there. But that's OK -- I yelled hello and waved. She was great too. 

Oh yeah, there was some baseball too. The Baysox didn't win. 


Anonymous said...

Such a great day. Glad you got to see the Paw Patrol in person.
Love you,
Grandmom Linda

GrandmomShane said...

Too much fun!!