Friday, June 17, 2016

Last day of kindergarten

It seems like only yesterday I started kindergarten classes, but this week we finished up our school year. We had a big ceremony in the school gym to sing a few songs, get our certificates and eat some donuts. The donuts were the most important part, really. 

We sat in alphabetical order, so I was all the way in the back. I have to talk to Mom and Dad about moving our name up in the alphabet. 

We got to show off some of the songs we learned this year, although they weren't really appropriate for the sweet dance moves I also picked up. Maybe some other time. 

The whole year was so much fun. Next up is first grade!


Anonymous said...

We're soooooo proud of you, Sweetie! Have a wonderful, fun summer.
Love you.
Grandmom Libda

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jonathan! I'm so glad Kindergarten was so good for you.
Aunt Pat