Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Seriously, could we be any cuter?

My robot costume had lights that were so bright Dad said I could work as a flashlight if we needed an extra light. But I don't think I'll fit in the closet with the other ones. 

Emma was a cute ladybug who was a little afraid of all the spooky stuff out there tonight. But don't worry, when she found out there was candy, she was still all about the holiday. 


MomShane said...

Nope, you couldn't be any cuter

Anonymous said...

I agree with Grandmom Shane. You are both adorable.
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

Love the costumes and especially love the two wearing them. What a treat
for all blog followers not to mention the neighborhood. Bet Emma was glad
to have her big brother to light the way and protect her.
Hope all had a Happy Halloween.
Aunt Pat