Sunday, February 23, 2014

Birthday party!

My real birthday isn't until Monday, but we decided to have a big party on Saturday to make sure everybody didn't have to rush over from work. Good thing too, because we had a lot of celebrating to do.

We had sooooo many balloons -- on the ceiling, on the floor, in the middle of those two (when Ollie and Tommy and I were kicking them).

Mom made great cupcakes and even managed to spell my name out on them! I think she made other good food too, but I was just worried about the cupcakes.

I got so many presents from everyone. Tommy helped me open them, and then he and Ollie both helped me play with them too.

Here we are outside, trying out my new soccer ball and goal (and wearing my new jacket too). I was pretty good at scoring, and Ollie was really good at tackling. I'm not sure if the rules allow that. That's a different kind of football.

Thanks everybody who could come. And everyone else, I hope to see you really soon!


Anonymous said...

It was just about the best party ever! Your mommy and daddy sure do love you and so do Pop and I.
Happy Birthday, Sweetie.
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your
birthday. I bet everyone else did, too, especially the cupcakes.
Love, Aunt Pat