Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Board game excitement

What's better than a game of Zingo? A game of indoor cave Zingo, played in a cave made out of a blanket, tables and a couch. 

Seriously, it puts a whole new twist on game strategy. 


Anonymous said...

When I was a child, Jonathan, I
loved playing under a table or in
a blanket cave, but there was no
Zingo way back then. I feel
seriously deprived. Hope I get to
play with you someday.

Aunt Pat

Anonymous said...

Oh now that is pure heaven! Are you beating Mommy and Daddy as badly as you meet Pop and me? I'm looking for a rematch in the cave.
Love you.
Grandmom Linda

Lari said...

Wish you were here with us, Jonathan! We've been playing lots of games too...when we're not shoveling snow or sledding! Miss you! xoxo