Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fishing with Pop-Pop

I did so many things up the Poconos with Grandmom, Aunt Kate and everyone this week, but one of my favorite things was fishing with Pop-Pop and Tommy. We caught 16 fish this weekend (Dad's note: not an exaggeration) and some of them were as big as a bus! (Dad's note: That is an exaggeration).  

Here I am posing with some of the fish. We named the first few, but after like four or five, we ran out of names. Tommy and I were sad to let them go, but Grandmom said they couldn't stay for lunch because she didn't have enough pans to fit them all. I don't know why they couldn't just sit on chairs like everyone else, but I'll catch them again next time I visit up there. 


Anonymous said...

Pop-Pop Shane looks almost happier than you do, Jonathan. I'm sure he had a great time showing you and Tommy how to fish.
Grandmom Linda

Pop Pop shane said...

It was the highlight of my vacation and I think the kids liked it too.