Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Getting ready for the baby

Mom, Dad and I spent the last few weeks getting the guest bedroom ready for when the baby comes, so she has a fun new room to sleep in. I was a little worried when they first talked about it, because that's where Pop Doyle sleeps, but they said he'll still be allowed to stay there when he visits. The baby will sleep on the porch, I guess. That's where Dad always says he's gonna make Aunt Kate sleep when she visits. 


Anonymous said...

She is sure to have pleasant
dreams in her sunny, well decorated room. You all did such
a good job.
Aunt Pat

Lari said...

I didn't know she was a "she" !!! Thanks for letting me know, Jonathan!!! I know we're all very excited for her arrival! And, you're going to be the best big bro ever, I'm sure!!! xoxoxo