Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day parade

Every Memorial Day weekend our city has a big parade to mark the holiday, and every year all the city vehicles come out to participate. And that means fire trucks. And you know I never miss the fire trucks.

This year was the first Bowie parade for Emma (and Grandmom and Pop Doyle too) so I had to explain to them everything we had to do to take part in the event. Basically, it's a lot of clapping. Emma is good about that.

Pop really liked the fancy old cars, and he made sure they all honked their horns. But the big flags and music were great too. We should have one of these every weekend, as long as the fire trucks can make it. 


Anonymous said...

Loved the parade and spending the day together.
Love you,
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was a Memorial Parade Mom and Pop Doyle will never forget, especially with your explaining everything to them so well,
Jonathan. They look so happy holding you and Emma.
Aunt Pat