Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time with Pop

Mom and Dad took a mini vacation this weekend, so I had to stay over Grandmom and Pop's place to watch Emma. I took them to a bunch of places, including a car show because I knew it would keep Pop happy. 

Here we are next to our favorite car, because it looked like a pumpkin. We had a blast, and Pop slept really good every night because we kept him so busy. He's a trooper. 


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you took such good care
of Emma and Pop, Jonathan.
Aunt Pat

Anonymous said...

Wow! First we stayed in that orange caboose and now you picked the orange truck as your favorite at the car show. Is orange now your favorite color?

You and Emma were angels and we loved having you here and miss you already.

Love you,
Grandmom Linda