Saturday, September 5, 2015

Happy early birthday, Emma!

My first birthday isn't for a few more weeks, but since we already had a bunch of grandparents running around the house this week, we decided to celebrate early. So pretend I look a full year old in all of these pictures!

We had all sorts of cousins and uncles and grandmoms and everybody to help me celebrate. You would not believe how much noise they can all make in the house. And that was without me screaming!

Pop Doyle brought his favorite birthday pretzels, which looked like they were a funny shape this time. 

Of course, they didn't last very long. 

And Grandmom Shane and Aunt Beth helped Mom make this great Pooh cake! I was afraid of what Grandmom was doing when she kept talking about her "poo cake," but in fairness everybody kept laughing about it. 

The recipe was delicious. This was so much fun! Let's have another one on the 14th!

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Anonymous said...

I bet everyone enjoyed you even more than all the great goodies.
Happy almost birthday, Emma.
Love to all,
Aunt Pat