Saturday, November 7, 2015

Air and Space Museum

We got a chance to go into Washington DC again on Saturday to visit the Air and Space Museum. Did you know they fit entire rockets into that building? How did they do that? That's sooooo cool. 

Emma and I got so see all sorts of planes and gliders and spaceships and other crazy stuff. We even got to walk inside some old aircraft, although they didn't let Emma fly any. 

Some of them were brand new, and some of them were really old. But they were all huge! I wanted to ride on this Predator drone, but Mom said she had all sorts of problems with that. 
Emma loved the whole place because she could keep looking up and seeing everything. But she is pretty short. 

Dad said this plane belonged to Amelia Earhart, but all I cared about was that it was another awesome red plane. He wouldn't let me take any home with us, but maybe next visit.

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GrandmomShane said...

I remember the first time that your Daddy and Aunt Beth visited that museum. It is a really cool place. Glad that you got to go.