Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy birthday to Ollie

Sunday was Ollie's birthday, so that meant another party! He had a awesome Paw Patrol cake and big Paw Patrol balloons and Paw Patrol party favors. I hope the Paw Patrol puzzles I got him weren't too much...

We had the party at a big moon bounce indoor playground. Mom and Emma really liked the bouncy slides, but I was into all the climbing in and out of tunnels. 

Emma liked the trampoline house too, although she wasn't quite tall enough to dunk the ball in the net.

Lexi totally could dunk, but she didn't want to show up Emma, which was really sweet of her. 

We had so much fun, I've asked Mom and Dad to install a giant inflatable fort in our living room. I can see a lot of benefits to it, but so far they haven't put it up yet...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. So sorry we couldn't be there but happy you had a good time.
Love you,
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

What a great party and the pictures of Ollie, Lexi, Emma, and you,
Jonathan are as cute as always.
Aunt Pat