Friday, November 4, 2016

Autumn at Sandy Point

Jonathan and I got a chance to visit Sandy Point last weekend, a beautiful beach on the bay not far from home. It's not as much fun as Grandmom's shore house by the ocean, but it's still pretty awesome. 

Jonathan was excited because you can see the big big bridge right up close from the beach. Dad tells me that's not its real name, but, look at it. That's the only name that makes sense. 

I wanted to go swimming, but Mom and Dad wouldn't stop the little waves from moving around so much. So, instead we dug in the sand and threw rocks in the water, which is always a blast. 
And Jonathan found even bigger rocks to go climbing on out over the bay. I wanted him to throw one into the water to see the splash, but he said they were too heavy and Dad wouldn't let me try. Spoilsports.


Anonymous said...

Love these pictures and the commentary is terrific, as always.
Lots of love.
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

You really have a lot of great places to visit not too far from your home.
Of course, it helps to have great parents to take you there, too.
Aunt Pat