Sunday, February 26, 2017

Birthday cake review

We had a few different birthday parties in recent days, because honestly you can't contain a seven-year-old birthday in just a single day.

We had a traditional Batman cake at Grandmom Shane's, which was really cool because the part hidden under his face had no icing just for me.

And at Grandmom Doyle's, we had an impressive cupcake spread that had purple icing for some, chocolate icing for others and little sugar stars for everyone.

Mom said both spreads had eight candles because I needed and extra one for good luck, but honestly I think she just had trouble counting again. It's ok, sometimes it's hard to keep count and light fires at the same time. 


Anonymous said...

That cake is amazing! Happy Birthday, Jonathan. You sure are loved.
Love you.
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

The four beautiful children around the table are even more amazing.
Aunt Pat