Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Best week ever!

For some reason, the local TV station has the Phillies on every night this week, which means I get to watch a ton of baseball. Mom and Dad wanted to go out tonight for some reason, but I told them I had to be home in time for the first pitch. I mean, you gotta have priorities.


MomShane said...

You come from a long line of Phillies fans! Great-great Grandad Donnelly would be thrilled to see you watching the Phillies! Don't forget to cheer for Shane Victorino!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, I forgot to send your Mom and Dad an
anniversary card. That's why they wanted to go
out tonight. Please give them an extra smile
from me. I did remember to pray for them (and
you, too) today.
How about that Cole Hamels, yesterday!Won't be
too long before you and your Dad are pitching and catching together.

Lots of love,
Aunt Pat

Anonymous said...

This is a picture of you that I'm definitely going to print out for Great Grandpop Andy. He can tell you anything you want to know about those Phillies!
Hope your mom and dad had a great anniversary - with you around, there's no doubt in my mind that they did.
Lots of love,
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, Oops, sorry...a little too quick with the typing of your name this morning!
Grandmom Linda (again)

Lari said...

Happy Anniversary to you Mommy and Daddy! What could be better than staying in, hanging with you, watching your fave team win? Sounds like a great date to me. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Well,"G-P Doyle", I now know for sure that the "Phillies" are not a bunch of horses and that the "Orioles" are not chocolate cookies that are white in the middle. I will be setting that straight with my "buds" today at daycare.
I'm still not sure though, G-P, if the "Sox" they talk about belong in "foot-ball".