Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reading time

I'm not sure why Dad was so surprised I know what books are ... I mean, we read them all the time.


Lari said...

I could watch you all day, Jon! U r adorable!!! xixi

Anonymous said...

You just cannot be any cuter! Thanks for letting GP Doyle and me visit yesterday. We are going to miss you sooooooooo much while we're away. But we'll look forward to seeing you (and of course your mommy and daddy) and all the wonderful things you will have learned while we're away.
Love you.
Grandmom Linda

Anonymous said...

Every time I watch a new video, I think, "How
can you top this...then the next one, even
better, comes along. I don't know which part is
more fascinating: the expressions on your face,
Jonathan, the Kid Kentucky Derby Crawl, the way
you get your Dad to name things for you, or the
way he patiently gets you to focus on the book.
What's next? -the Pediatric Preakness or the
Belmont Babies? Whatever it is, I know you and
your creative Dad will amaze me yet again.

Love to you, your Mom and your Dad,
Aunt Pat