Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stuffed animal avalanche

No idea why all those stuffed animals came tumbling down on the couch.Wait, something doesn't look right there. What's under the...
Ah, I think I know what happened now.
I believe "act of Jonathan" is covered somewhere in the stuffed animals' insurance policy. The carnage continued once he got them on the floor.


Anonymous said...

Your Mom and Dad must be having so much fun with
you, Jonathan. These pictures remind me of some-
thing your Mom said with a smile about you a few
months ago. "He's such a boy." After all, a
fellow can only take so much intellectual work
then he needs to roughhouse a bit with his friends. I'm glad this blog lets me have so much fun watching you, too.

Love, Aunt Pat

Lari said...

Jonathan, you always make me laugh. Thanks for allowing us to listen to your convo with Mr. Duck, and all the other pals too. Love you bunches! xoxo

Marge Machulski said...

Jonathan, we only met once when you were an infant so it sure has been fun watching you "grow up" through this blog. I thought my favorite was watching you eat the watermelon but the video of you eating the popsicle was the funniest! I am going to check in on you periodically to see if you are keeping Mom and Dad on their toes!