Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Explaining trains to Ollie

No, it's not a "choo-choo." It's a 1987 Santa Fe Diesel engine. You've got to start doing your research better, Ollie. 


Anonymous said...

You certainly keep busy teaching
younger cousins how to read and
all about trains - and what cute
cousins you are.
A big hug to you, your Mommy and
Daddy, Aunt Pat

Lari said...

Hop on that iron horse and come visit me, please. Miss you oodles! xoxo PS....plz give daddy a birthday hug and kiss from us tomorrow. xoxo

Anonymous said...

My two little angels. The time you two spent looking at those train books was amazing. Jonathan, you are teaching Ollie so much it won't be long before he knows a diesel from a steam engine.

Love you,
Grandmom Linda