Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lunch with Santa

Tommy and I visited Aunt Betty on Saturday, and it turns out the sisters in her convent are friends with Santa Claus!

The two of us and some other kids got to hang out with him for a little while and listen while he read a story. It was "The Night Before Christmas," so Santa was reading a story about himself. I would have picked something about Thomas, but it mostly worked. Good times. Hope I see him again soon.


Lari said...

What fun! I'm sure you're both on the Nice list and will get all the things you've requested. Enjoy the season, Jonathan. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a fun time for you and Tommy
although I couldn't tell which one
of you or maybe Grandmom Shane was
the most attentive listener.

How about those Eagles today!
Hope you and your Mommy and Daddy
are now home safe.

Aunt Pat