Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day!

There was snow again outside today, and this time we got to play in it!

Dad made a snowman, and we left footprints all over, and we threw snowballs and ohmigawd it was just like my "Snowy Day" book!

Mom and I even went up the street to find some friends to play with, since the schools were closed. 

Too much fun!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jonathan et al.,
Watching your snowy day really
made my snow day. How great is it
for a child to his Mom and Dad with him to enjoy a snow day off!
Don't know who looks cuter, Jonathan, . . . you or the great
snowman your Dad made. And then
to take a snow trek with your Mom.
Those snowballs look perfect and
your arm is showing signs of
Halliday's genes.
Safe travelling the rest of the
week. Love, Aunt Pat

Lari said...

Oh my goodness! Looks like all of you had a totally spectacular snow day. What fun!! Wish we could have been there too. Much love! xoxoxo