Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Elmwood Zoo


Granmom, Pop-Pop and Aunt Kate took us to the Elmwood Zoo on our visit to Warminster last weekend. There was stuff beside the giraffes, but, really, we just went to see the giraffes. The koi fish were really fun too. And the donkeys in this picture were friendly, and a lot smaller than the bison. I wonder why all these animals decided to live in the Philly suburbs together.

The zoo had a caterpillar train too, and Pop-Pop took me for a ride on it. The caterpillar is a lot smaller than Thomas, but it was fun. 

And I got to ride on an alligator! OK, it wasn't a real alligator. It was just part of the playground. But they did have a real alligator, and he looked friendly. Maybe I'll try and ride him on the next visit. 


Anonymous said...

A caterpillar train AND a giraffe!!!! Oh how exciting.
Love you,
Grandmom Linda

Lari said...

Sorry I've been away.....took a tiny trip to see my sister. It was great catching up on all your news tho, Jonathan. The bed is totally amazing!!! And I love ALL the vids. Loved seeing some old ones of you. You always make me smile!!! xoxoxo