Sunday, July 6, 2014

The story of Arduck's castle

Dad's note: Jonathan started telling us a story at dinner, so I asked him to repeat it afterwards. He added a little more in the final version. 


Anonymous said...

What do you think, "Pop Doyle", should I continue to target being a great movie producer or a terrific book writer.


Anonymous said...

Pop Doyle might be onto something. This really was straight out of his head. We had no idea where it was going, but he seemed to have it all plotted out.

Lari said...

Capn Awesome, I'm pretty sure you've met your match for on air interviews. He'll have your job in no time. That's amazing!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, that story was just amazing. God bless your imagination.
Love you,
Grandmom Linda